Viliam Kosinar

Viliam Kosinar

Assistant Dining Director

Viliam was born and raised in Slovakia. Since his high school years, the restaurant business has been a great part of his life where he started his path to success.

Shortly after earning his MBA degree in General Management at City University of Seattle, Viliam pursued a career as a client advocate for an international IT organization in Slovakia. After spending over 2 years working in complaint the management flied, Viliam and his wife received their green card and decided to move to Colorado in 2010.

Viliam has found joy, happiness and a great future in culinary services field.

Viliam loves to change his shirt and tie for a t-shirt and shorts to take his backpack and fishing rod and escape to the nature's beauty, which Colorado offers. Fishing has been Viliam’s hobby ever since he was 2 years old. Besides fishing, Viliam loves to spend his free time with his son as he feels that is the best time he has ever!